Real voices, electronic voices or electronic sounds?

In the last days I make thoughts about the instrumentation of this piece.

  • If I write it for choir, then
    • either I should notate it exactly and supply electronic recordings for each part, so that the choir can study the non standard tuning. In this case, the rehearsal would be a difficult and expensive task, that is the work would get performed very rarely.
    • or I should adjust the non standard tuning to microtonal tuning of ΒΌ of a tone. Then it could be performed more frequently, but in this case not precisely.
  • If I write the piece for electronic voices, then I have precision, a choir, but a cheap imitation of the human voice.
  • If I write the piece for electronics, then I have to work hard in order to achieve a nice timbre. And nobody pays me for this… I.e. it could take months or years.

What should I do? I still don’t know.

One Response to “Real voices, electronic voices or electronic sounds?”

  1. admin says:

    Well, I decided: it will be written for electronic sounds.