Piece for choir

After writing some stuff on Small Thoughts about the Fibonacci numbers, I decided to write a piece for choir based on this series.

Here I will write my plans and daily remarks about my thoughts on the piece.


  • A small piece for choir, 2 Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass. Low register.
  • It should be ready by the end of November.
  • The lyrics will be a poem of mine (which one? a new one?).
  • The piece should have a rather dark colour.
  • It should last about 5 min.
  • The higher the voice, the smaller duration values it will use.
  • Each voice will make use of a different octave and rhythmic division.

About the last postulate: let the highest voice have a potential of 24 values. Then consider the following division:

Primary Division24181284
Deviated Division24171373

The octave division will be analogous (:24, :17, :13 etc).

Each voice will posses a predefined grid of tones and time positions according to its division (like the prior filter technique, but much more flexible).

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