New Compositions

[I will stop the guitar project for a while because of other priorities.]

In the last year (or years) I was thinking of composing music in a totally different style than I did before. Five years long I did not compose music, I was engaged in composing poems, but I made many thoughts about composition. Unfortunately I did not have the time (among other necessities) to work on the ideas that I had. The study of mathematics and other reasons prevented me from doing so.

Now the situation is much more worse. I work (earning money) and parallel I work on my dissertation which has to be given in September. This is exactly the situation for me to seek a way out for the body and the mind.

For the latter, composing is here again! The ones that liked my music before 2002 will be possibly disappointed; for my new style there are no scores and the music may seem too simple or too… I don’t know. I do not mind, because —as always— I only care, if the art I create satisfies me.

The new pieces (5 small poems) are available at the composition section “Second Berlin Period“.

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